Rockford Wines

Robert O'Callaghan, Rockford Wines founder
Robert O’Callaghan, Rockford Wines founder

Robert O’Callaghan, founder and winemaker of Rockford wines, started as a trainee at Seppelts in 1965, Australia’s then largest family winemakers. The Rockford winery is located at Krondorf, in the heart of the Barossa Valley. Rockford wines are made by hand with traditional methods, attitudes and equipment to produce elegant but rich, earthy, soft and generous wines that will age – the kind that Robert drank in his youth.

At Rockford we’re committed to keeping the best of the traditional wine trade alive…

Did you know Peacock Gardens has the exclusive for Rockford wines?

Some of the Rockford series available at Peacock Gardens includes:

  • Rockford Basket Press Shiraz
  • Rockford Rod & Spur Shiraz Cabernet
  • Rockford Rifle Range Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Rockford Home Block Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum
  • Rockford Alicante Bouchet Rose
  • Rockford Eden Valley Hand Picked Riesling

So what are you waiting for? Come to Peacock Gardens and enjoy a succulent Chinese meal accompanied by one of these great bottles of wine.

Rockford Wines Series
Rockford Wines Series